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About Us

20  years of experience in promotion of performing arts in Asia and abroad
500 concerts, performances and events in 50 historical cities, in 20 foreign countries
3000 concerts, performances and events in over 30 cities around China
5000 artists from over 140 represented orchestras and groups in 30 countries
3 million audiences and hundreds of millions of TV viewers worldwide

Founded in Beijing in 1991 by Zezhou Wu and Jiatong Wu, Wu Promotion  is one of China's first performing arts promoters and event organizers. Inspired by a deep passion and dedication to music, Wu Promotion  strives to enhance cultural exchange by actively promoting the performing arts and capturing the beauty and diversity of the world's culture through unique events.

With offices in China, Europe and Middle East, its international and creative team organizes more than 500 concerts and events per year in China as well as abroad.

Wu Promotion  provides premium services for performing arts, event management, public relations, exhibition and business hospitality.

Our Services:

  • International performing arts agency
  • Promotion and organization of all genre of performing arts worldwide, with a special focus on Asia, Europe and Middle East
  • Organization of large scale international tours for orchestras, theatres and other professional performing troupes from different countries
  • Representation and promotion of emerging young Chinese artists on the international performing arts platform
  • Event management, public and media relations management, and consultation on tourism and business development in China for foreign partners
  • Organization of international culture exchange events for amateur troupes, such as choral groups, youth orchestras, government and institution delegations

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