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Chinese Music

The program of the GRAND CHINESE NEW YEAR CONCERT consists of traditional Chinese music as well as contemporary arrangements, composed especially for orchestral performances with traditional Chinese instruments.

Besides orchestral music, audiences are introduced to Chinese instruments through pieces, which highlight their unique sound. Leading soloists are accompanied by orchestras, allowing the audience a deeper appreciation of the distinctive character of China’s classical tradtition. Ranging from smaller ensemble pieces with Erhu, Pipa, Yangqin and Ruan to impressive percussion acts; the GRAND CHINESE NEW YEAR CONCERT presents the whole spectrum of Chinese classical music.

Chinese classical music is distinctively rich in its sound and history. China is composed of a vast number of different national groups which have musical traditions going back more than one thousand years. In recent times, Chinese music has gained importance as an essential element of the world’s musical culture and heritage. Now music enthusiasts all over the world are enjoying the distinctive national characteristics, the charming melodies and the colourful diversity of this unique form of music.