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The Grand Chinese New Year Concert 2009

Music by traditional orchestras with traditional instruments is cultivated in all of China’s 34 provinces. Out of the best orchestras Wu Promotion selects a tour orchestra and arranges the entire production every year. The program reflects the spirit and the unique ethnical musical culture of the region the orchestra originates from. The program consists of Chinese folk songs and contemporary Chinese music, which has been composed especially for orchestration of traditional Chinese instruments. Besides orchestral music, also individual sound structures of individual instruments in concerts for soloists accompanied by orchestras, as well as in smaller ensembles, are introduced to the audience. This makes it possible to grasp the complete spectrum of the timbre of Chinese instruments including the impressive percussion.

2009 is an anniversary year for Wu Promotion. For the 12th time the “Grand Chinese New Year Concert” will be on tour in Europe and in the 12th year an entire cycle of the Chinese horoscope will be completed.

For the first time, Wu Promotion and China Entertainment are presenting the “China Traditional Orchestra Anhui”, an orchestra of China’s South-Eastern province Anhui. More than 80 artists will be performing under the two renowned Chinese conductors Zhu Xiaogu and Xu Hong.

Zhu Xiaogu is the conductor and composer of the Shanghai Opera House. Zhu has already conducted hundreds of concerts, operas and musicals and has established a name for himself as a composer in the musical world.

Xu Hong is the conductor of the “China Traditional Orchestra Anhui“ and can look back on a longstanding career of more than 20 years. 2008, Xu Hong performed together with the “Anhui Symphony Orchestra” in the “National Centre for the Performing Arts” in Beijing, one of the most prestigious operas in China.

Besides orchestra music, the “Grand Chinese New Year Concert“ 2009 is presenting soloists especially invited for this tour, who will give the audience the possibility to get to know Chinese instruments and their timbre in detail. The soloists for this tour will be: Pan Chanqing on the Pipa, Chen Huilong on the Dizi, Sun Zhi on the Guqin, Wang Yawen and Zhang Jian on the Erhu and Wang Jingjing on the Jinghu.

We are looking forward to celebrating the “Year of the Ox” with you!